September Poetry Submissions: Epiphany

By: Anonymous HaKohein  |  September 30, 2020

By Hakohein & Anonymous

Each month, the YU Observer sends a call to YU students for poetry submissions following a specific theme. This month, the theme was ‘Epiphany’, and we are featuring Michael Zoldan’s piece, ‘Epiphany’. However, the poems below are other submissions of honorable mention.


By HaKohein

There is no air to breathe between the tears,
your hand lies limp, not interested, in mine.
My pleas fall short before your shuttered ears,
I’m broken down inside; you’re somehow fine.

The fragments of my heart litter the floor,
Hope whispers that you still may make it right.
I turn to you as you walk out the door
and disappear into the empty night.

Without your numbing touch how can I heal?
Yet truth screams out at me from my damned soul:
my heart of flesh destroyed by yours of steel,
must find another way to become whole.

Through stunted gasps I block you from my phone,
In twos, we break; to mend we walk alone.


By Anonymous

Everything I am, and everything I am not, are bound tightly within: That which I am, I struggle to reveal; that which I am not all too easily finds its way through the cracks.  All the while, the constant battle between everything I am and everything I can become rages on. The future holds steady while the present rocks in its wake. All that I want to become is in front of me, yet there is so much that has slipped away. Mistakes made, paths taken and bridges burned- actions whose future decided upon their existence. The ebb and flow of what must happen and what should never become crashes upon the shore of my present as I row my way, inch by inch, towards the illumination of that Path Which Sheds Light On All Things

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