Meet Your Wilf Campus Student Government Candidates Fall 2020

By: Fruma Landa  |  September 14, 2020

Compiled by Fruma Landa, Editor in Chief

*This article has been edited to include a bio for Mike Finn.

Candidate Akiva Sasson has not submitted a photo nor bio to the YU Observer.

Wilf Campus
YSU Freshman Representitive 

Gilad Menashe
“Hello! My name is Gilad Menashe and I am running for the Freshmen Representative position for YSU. As we embark on this exciting chapter in our lives, I hope to serve as a voice and a middleman between our class and the administration. I cannot wait for an exciting year and the amazing journey we are just beginning. Hope to see you all soon!”

YSU Sophmore Representitive

Shay Fishman
“I am running because I want to represent the voice of the sophomore class. I have been on campus for 3 semesters and know the real frustrations and issues the students face on a daily basis. I have the passion to make change whether big or small. I would love to implement an automatic renewal of shower curtains every year in the dorms (rather than showering next to mold 🤮). I would love to fix the elevators rather than putting band-aids on them every time they break. I don’t plan to make a big change by myself, but I know that I can help make a big change backed with the voices of my classmates. I don’t only offer a voice to speak, but also an ear to listen.”

Jacob Goldsmith
“My name is Jacob Goldsmith and I am running for the Prestigious position of Sophomore Representative. I recently completed my service in Tzahal and am excited to bring my leadership and teamwork skills to the Student Body. Additionally, last year I was a Madrich at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh and know a lot of the Sophomores. My goals for this year include bussing for Intowners, high-quality cameras, and getting army credits for people who served in Tzahal.”

YSU Katz Representative

Mike Finn
Hello my name is Mike Finn, I am a 20 year old 3rd year YU student and am running for JSS representative. I feel that I can bring much to the table when spreading awareness for the Katz school. My goal is to guide all Katz students to a better future for themselves.

Dan Marouani
“My name is Dan Marouani. I was born in Israel and I grew up in France. It is my third semester at Yeshiva University, and I am currently in my senior year in Katz. At the end of the day, my main goal is to help the Katz students succeed in everything that they do throughout the course of their life. I would like to make sure that each student chooses the career that they will enjoy the most throughout their life.”

Makor Representative

Menachem Aharon Wallach
“My name is Menachem Aharon Wallach and I would love to be the Makor student government representative. As representative, I would do my best to ensure that Makor students have opportunities to attend YU events and clubs and interact with students and faculty in other capacities. Specifically, among other things, I would advocate for Makor students to be allowed to ride on the intercampus and local shuttles and for students at Beren to have free bus transportation to and from every Macs home game.”

Yehoshua Fineberg
“Hi, my name is Yehoshua. I am running because I want to represent YU.”

Akiva Sasson

SOY JSS Representative 

Ilan Marouani
“My name is Ilan Marouani, I am from Paris, France and I am running for JSS representative. My main goal is to be helpful to the students of the program. I will first of all be on campus so I could directly interact with many first year students who might have a hard time to situate themselves within the system of YU and in New York City. I will try to help the students to learn more about JSS and help them determine their goals in the program and in religion. Furthermore, I will try to help the students to enjoy the campus as much as possible by implementing events and shabbatons so that they would not only spend more time on campus than going back home, but also for them to meet new people and create connections. Finally, I want people to enjoy their time at YU and the morning programs are taking half of the day in most students’ schedules, and by improving the program and their interaction with it I would be able to make at least half of the students’ day better. Thanks.”

Adir Cohen
“Hi, I’m Adir Cohen and I’m running for JSS Representative! JSS has been a huge part of my YU experience and helped me grow in so many ways. From amazing Rebbeim and classes to the group of friends I’ve made, JSS is a truly unique program where we all grow together. Some goals of mine as JSS Representative are to create more special shiurim for JSS students, more Coed events, and Shabbatons. I know the ins and outs of JSS and I’m excited to have the opportunity to run as your JSS Representative!”

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Photo: Featured clockwise from top left hand corner: Gilad Menashe, Shay Fishman, Jacob Goldsmith, Menachem Aharon Wallach, Adir Cohen, Ilan Marouani, Yehoshua Fineberg, Dan Marouani.

Photo Source: Individual photos credited to respective candidates, and compiled by Fruma Landa.