Finance Club And YU Career Center Host “Finance 101: Wall Street Seniors”

By: Aliza Leichter  |  September 3, 2020

By Aliza Leichter, Social Media Manager

On September 1, the YU Career Center and Finance Club hosted an event titled “Finance 101: Wall Street Seniors.” The virtual discussion consisted of students in their final year at YU who received full-time offers from their internships. The event allowed for students who were on the other side of the table just a year or two ago to share their experience of being in that position.  Over 35 students were in attendance. 

Featured on the panel were Adam Baron (SSSB’ 21), who interned at Goldman Sachs in their investment banking division, Abraham Benjamin (YC’ 21), in RRS at Moody’s, Jacob Dauer (YC’ 21), in sales and trading at JP Morgan, and Zachary Lowinger (SSSB’ 21), in risk management at Morgan Stanley. Nathan Hakakian (SSSB’ 21), president of the Finance Club and MC of the event, welcomed attendees and introduced the panelists. 

The panelists shared advice on their experience within the competitive finance industry. Due to the gap year system at YU, students have less time to explore different career options. The panelists stressed the importance of starting research early and utilizing all resources available — including YU alumni, family members, and Google searches — to gain direction. Every speaker on the panel received their job offer through networking, showing their continued interest through cold emails (unsolicited emails sent to a receiver without prior communication), and contacting alumni. 

After the event, Hakakian sent a follow-up email containing key takeaways to summarize the event. Also included in the email were the panelists’ personal contact information which attests to the sincerity and community of the YU network.