Fall 2020 Wilf and Beren Undergraduate Student Government Election Results

By: Shaina Matveev  |  September 22, 2020

By Shaina Matveev

On the morning of Friday, September 18, the results of the Fall 2020 undergraduate student government elections were released to the student body, announcing the winning candidates for both the Wilf and Beren campus elections. Voting took place the previous day, on Thursday, September 17, for the Beren campus and last Tuesday, September 15, for the Wilf Campus, after nearly half a week of candidate campaigning. Listed below are the winning candidates for each position voted for during this election, followed by a breakdown of student votes:

Wilf Campus:

Freshman Representative: Gilad Menashe
Sophomore Representative: Shay Fishman
Katz School Representative:  Dan Marouni
JSS Representative: Ilan Marouni
Makor Representative: Akiva Sasson

Beren Campus:

Freshman Class President: Maxine Pravda 
Sophomore Class Vice President: Rebecca Aduculesi 
Katz School Class President: Enya Smilovic
Katz School Class Vice President: Renee Lisbon 

The Canvassing Committee — overseeing student elections — released a more detailed breakdown of student votes for the Wilf Campus elections to the YU Observer, though a more detailed breakdown of votes for the Beren campus elections was not disclosed.

Voting turnout on the Wilf campus was unexpectedly low with only 133 students voting, in total. Listed below are the candidates who ran for each position in the Wilf elections, followed by the percent of votes submitted for that respective candidate, as well as the percent of write-in votes cast for each position:

YSU Freshman Representative:

Gilad Menashe: 81.48%
Write-in: 18.52%

YSU Sophomore Representative:

Jacob Goldsmith: 76.56% (disqualification)
Shay Fishman: 17.19%
Write In: 6.25%

Katz School Representative:  

Dan Marouni: 87.50%
Mike Fink: 12.50%
Write In: 0.00%

JSS Representative:

Ilan Marouni: 72.00%
Adir Cohen: 24.00%
Write In: 4.00%

Makor Representative:

Akiva Sasson: 44.44%
Menachem Aharon Wallach: 33.33%
Yehoshua Fineberg: 22.22%

After the winning candidates of this year’s fall elections were announced, these winning candidates assumed their positions immediately on their respective Wilf and Beren student governments.