Nissel’s Email Regarding The “COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgment Form” And Information Regarding Students On Campus

By: Erica Rachel Sultan  |  August 13, 2020

By Erica Rachel Sultan, News Editor

On August 12th 2020, Yeshiva University’s undergraduate students received an email from Dr. Chaim Nissel, vice provost for student affairs, relaying information about the mandatory “COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement form” and what will happen when students return to the campuses.

The form must be signed by all students, regardless of their decisions to study remotely or study in-person for the Fall 2020 semester. In the email, Nissel said that when students submit this form, they are required to “follow all safety protocols and [to] acknowledge there is some risk that [they] assume if [they] come to campus.” The form can be found on the YU banner, under the “Student and Financial Aid” tab. If not filled out, students are subject to financial penalties, resulting in the student’s inability to add or drop classes and put registration on hold. Some YU students who were quick to fill out the form encountered errors when trying to submit the form. Then, once contacting the registrar, which is suggested by the form, their calls were met with voicemails. 

Nissel has also stated that students and faculty will have access to some YU buildings starting August 17, 2020. In order to enter into any open building, students are required to submit a negative COVID-19 nasal swab test which has been taken within the previous fourteen days. They are only required to submit one test (upon arrival to campus), and it is to be sent to Furthermore, students are required to complete a pre-screen survey, which asks students if they’ve encountered anyone with COVID-19 within the previous fourteen days, if they have COVID-19 symptoms, among other questions. The pre-screen survey is to be submitted daily, upon arrival at any open YU building. If the criteria are met, the students will be shown a green screen, to be shown to security, and allowed entry, otherwise a student will be shown a red screen, along with a message to consult one’s health provider, and entry will be denied. Students must also submit to temperature checks upon entry. If one’s temperature exceeds 100 °F, the student will be asked to leave the YU buildings, excluding the dormitories. 

If students have any questions, they are to contact or