Beren and Wilf Canvassing Committees Announce 2020-2021 Student Council Candidates, Election Details

By: Fruma Landa  |  May 1, 2020

By Fruma Landa, News Editor

On April 30, an email was sent out by the Beren Election Committee to the Beren Campus student body announcing the candidates in the upcoming Beren Campus student council elections, as well as information regarding the election process. “Campaigning begins Thursday April 30, and continues until the election on Thursday May 7,” the email announced. On the same day, a similar email was sent out to the Wilf Campus student body by the Wilf Campus Canvassing Committee regarding Wilf Campus elections. The email informed that, “[t]he election will be 1 week from today on Thursday May 7(th),” and included a link containing a list of the Wilf Campus election candidates along with their bios and photos.

“It’s exciting to see so many students eager to be involved in student activities and try to make the school a better place,” shared Atara Kelman, Justice Representative of the Beren Election Committee, with the YU Observer. “Election season is exciting because every student has the ability to have a say in the future of our school community either as voters or as candidates.”

Shira Schneider, the sole candidate for the Stern College for Women Student Council presidency, is excited to influence the YU community in Fall 2020. “As someone who has had the privilege of being a part of [the] student council this past year, I’m excited for the opportunity to run again. I’m running for the chance to continue what our council has started, but also to influence even more change on campus,” said Schneider. “Learning from home these past few months has reminded me of the vibrant community and the unique experiences we are given at Stern. I look forward to being back soon and hopefully being given the chance to not only lead the student body, but better the student experience.” Unless a write-in candidate gains enough votes, Schneider will be 2020-2021’s SCWSC president.

Students often find meaning in the student council positions, as it is a way for them to make their fellow students’ voices heard. Baruch Lerman, candidate for IBC Representative, expressed, “I think it’s super important for students to participate in their student government. […] I really believe that student government can do so much to help students and I am honored that I have had the opportunity to participate in that.”

Shifra Lindenberg, one of four candidates running for the Beren Sy Syms Student Council presidency, echoed the sentiment. “I’m excited to run for SYMSSC President because I want to take on a bigger leadership position and give more to the student body,” said Lindenberg. “All I want to do is to keep giving back to the student body and be a trusted student leader for Syms and everyone on campus.”

On May 3 at 5:30 p.m., Beren candidates will be presenting their platforms and on May 3 at 10:00 p.m., Wilf candidates will be presenting their platforms. All presentations will be taking place on Zoom. 

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The Beren Campus candidates are as follows: 

SCWSC (Stern College for Women Student Council)

President: Shira Schneider, 

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Shoshana Wallach

Vice President of Clubs: Megan Lacritz, Talia Leitner

Vice President of Programming: Danielle Pasternak, 

Vice President of Public Relations: Tamar Guterson, Sivan (Sarah) Import, Temima Yellin

Senior Class President: Leah Joshowitz, Lindsay Brandwein

Sophomore Class President:  Nina Anina, Shaina Matveev

TAC (Torah Activities Council)

President: Nina Siegel

Vice President of Chessed: Chaiy Bodek, Shani Kahan, Rebecca Weiss

Vice President of Public Relations: Michal (Michelle) Herman, Abigail G Rochlin

Vice President of Shabbat: Eliana Feifel

Vice President of Speakers: Rivka Barnett

SYMSSC (Sy Syms Student Council – Beren)

President: Alex Brody, Sarah Lichtenstein, Shifra Lindenberg, Brooke Ratner

Vice President of Clubs: Shaiel Soleimani

Vice President of Public Relations: Abigail Lerman


The Wilf Campus candidates are as follows:

YSU (Yeshiva Student Union)

President: Zack Greenberg

VP of Clubs: Jared Benjamin

VP of Class Affairs: Josh Weinstein

Senior Class Representative: Benjy Halpern 

Junior Class Representative: Elazar Abrahams

YCSA (Yeshiva College Student Association)

President: Ari Lowy

Vice President: Jonah Chill

Secretary/Treasurer: David Lifschitz, Daniel Melool

SOY (Student Organization of Yeshiva)

YP Representative: Yoni Laub

BMP Representative: Jonathon Malek

IBC Representative: Baruch Lerman

SYMSSC (Sy Syms Student Council – Wilf)

President: Adam Baron, Ely Bloch, Dovie Solomon

Vice President: Zach Tuchman

Secretary/Treasurer: Sammy Lekowsky, Yaakov Schreier


Photo: Yeshiva University logo on Gottesman Library

Photo Source: Yeshiva University