Apology From the President's Desk

By: Zachary Greenberg  |  May 8, 2020

By Zachary Greenberg, Yeshiva Student Union President

Dear YU Student Body,

This past Wednesday, an article discussing the Amendment 6 leak was published which featured the negative comments levied against the amendment. A screenshot of my comment, “[Please] consider your vote very strongly on this issue,” was displayed at the top of the article.

I cannot take back what I wrote, but I wanted to release my sincere apology. At the time when I wrote the message, I was afraid that the amendment would hurt the student council’s ability in rejecting any club whatsoever. After the leak spread quickly and people became more vocal about it, others made the amendment all about the YU Pride Alliance.

I want to say outright that one of my goals as YSU President is to help all students, especially those feeling bullied, and help unite all of YU. The rejection of the amendment sent a hurtful message to many students which made me realize that the amendment had bigger implications. It’s not about student politics or student courts, it’s about making our school a more welcoming place.

I am sorry for all those who I have upset and would appreciate you reaching out to me if I have so I can formally apologize. The main reason why I am student council president is not for any agenda. I am trying to make our campus a more fun and welcoming place for all. I hope that my actions will speak louder than my words.