To the Bat Man

By: Ellie Parker  |  April 24, 2020

By Ellie Parker


To the bat man, 

I wish I could blame you for this. 

Sure, you were the catalyst.

It was your body

that metabolized the chicken

that ate the bat

that ate the corn

that harvested the virus

(or some other serpentine account

of what should have been a meaningless coincidence).

But implicating you

for infecting thousands 

is like blaming the planes

for destroying the Twin Towers.

While the catastrophic intention 

was not found in the wet market,

(as it was in Iraq), 

the effect produced is identical. 

Except, Bat Man, 

In our case

there is no embrace, 

no hand holding or unification, 

this time

our country will not come together

in an attempt to fight back against the invasion. 

This virus has not only spread it’s microbes, 

It has spread us 


You, in your mask, 

Us, in ours.

Ensuring that no contact, 

however diminutive,

takes place between your victims.

Your body became a host 

for a microscopic germ

that has plagued the world,

So too this virus has become a host

for societal bacteria

that should have been eradicated

long ago.

You are the bat man.

Not the superhero,

but just as absurd.