16 Handles Now on Student Omni Funds

By: Fruma Landa  |  November 21, 2019

By Fruma Landa, News Editor

On October 31st, the Yeshiva University undergraduate student body received an email from Linda Stone, YU’s Director of Student Events, with news from YU Dining Services: “16 Handles in Washington Heights is now a participating vendor in the YU Dining Services program and accepts the OneCard. Our Washington Heights store is located at the corner of Audubon Avenue and 185th Street, with easy access via the M3 bus or 1 train. Adjacent to Yeshiva University’s campus, the shop is fully certified kosher under National Kosher Supervision, offering 16 innovative soft serve flavors and more than 50 toppings to choose from. Enjoy your frozen dessert in store or in nearby Highbridge and Harlem River parks.”

The 16 Handles location in Washington Heights opened on April 28, 2019, as recorded by the YU Commentator article written by Yossi Zimilover on the same day. The announcement of the addition of 16 Handles to the YU Dining plan came only a few short months after the store’s opening. 

Adina Bruce, a Stern College student, remarked, “I don’t carry cash because of the lack of pockets on female attire; therefore, in the unlikely event that I am uptown and in the want of a fro-yo, this will be very convenient.”

Samuel Chasan, Director of YU Dining Services, told the YU Observer, “16 Handles is a relatively new addition to the Wilf Campus local kosher food scene. Their modified kosher supervision and proximity to campus meets our requirements for inclusion into the OneCard program whereby students can use their Flex (Omni)/Non Resident/Voluntary money for purchases by swiping their ID/dining card. Their offerings seem to be popular with students and we are glad to be able to facilitate this as an additional offering to the local food scene.”

Photo Source: YU Commentator