Staff Spotlight: Myra

By: Ellie Parker  |  October 24, 2019

By Ellie Parker, Features Editor

Myra is a cashier in the Kushner Dining Hall on the Beren Campus. She will soon be taking maternity leave. 

Ellie Parker: Hi Myra! To start, I think the student body would love to know a little bit about your background and how you got started at YU. 

Myra: I was born and raised in the Bronx and I started working at YU through a temp agency. I was temping for three months before they made me permanent on February 13, 2017. I think they hired me full-time because they liked my work ethic and the way I treat you guys. 

EP: What has your experience been like so far at YU?

M: Before I started at YU, I worked as a cashier at a bakery. It was very fast-paced and very busy. I was very outspoken and customer service was always a priority to me. So now when I come into work at YU, I have that same mindset…I am here to make sure you…have what you need day-in and day-out, especially during finals and midterms. I am very particular with you guys because I have been with some of you since freshman year and then I see you…leave me senior year.

EP: What’s that like? Is that hard?

M: Yeah it’s hard, I get attached. Because you guys come to me with these big smiles at the end of the day and you’ve been up since six o’ clock in the morning, but you manage to push through. Especially at dinner when you guys have conversations with me and you say hi and ask me how I am…

EP: What’s it like with the other staff at the caf?

M: It’s a very close relationship with us. We need good communication with each other, especially regarding things that we’re missing or things that we need to restock. If [someone] is having issues and I don’t know how to resolve it, I will ask my coworkers for help. There are things that [they] might know that I don’t, or vice versa, so communication is key. 

EP: Have you been surprised by anything at YU? Did you know anything about the school coming in?

M: I didn’t know it was a kosher school. I was never around Jewish people before, so I had no idea what kosher was. When I first came, I was in the 215 caf which is dairy all day, so when they switched me to the 245 caf…it took me maybe a month or so to get used to it and figure out where things go. It wasn’t challenging, but it was a lot to learn. Overall, it’s been a good experience. Now I know goodnight and good morning in Hebrew and I’m still learning each day with you guys.

EP: In the years that you’ve been here, do you think the caf has made improvements?

M: When I first started, it was a little hectic. But since then, menu-wise and food-wise everything has changed. We try to do better…each year and we love your input and we really take it into consideration. So if you have advice, please feel free to reach out to any caf manager and let us know. 

EP: Has your relationship with the students changed throughout the years?

M: It has been a positive experience every year. And like I said, I see you guys three times a day, everyday, for years and then it’s time to say goodbye and it’s very, very hard. 

EP: We know you’ll be leaving us soon for maternity leave. How does that work at YU?

M: I will be off for probably 2-3 months, depending how much time they give me. I am trying to work up until my last few weeks, but then it’s going to be hard to leave because I’m so used to having you guys around. You know, three months without you is going to be hard. And, I don’t know if you know, but I’m having a boy and some… [students] gave me a gift bag which I really appreciated. It had some gift cards and I got a card that said “mazal tov” and they gave me some toys for him. I really didn’t expect it and you guys have really done so much for me. I really appreciate you…

Photo: Stern College for Women students giving Myra gifts for her baby.