History Repeats - Board Soundings: Old-New Voice

By: Rivkah Landesman  |  August 27, 2019

By Rivkah Landesman

Published November 10th, 1966

The “Observer” has had many problems in the past not the least of which has been its lack of prestige and consequent lack of self-confidence. 

Recognizing the problem, we have pledged ourselves to remedy this situation before tackling any other major “Observer” maladies, in the hope that one shot of confidence will cure many of our other ills. 

Until very recently, I was certain that the administration rarely read our issues and ignored the ones they did scan. But the deans’ assistance by by arranging a meeting for us with Dr. Belkin, in asking Public Relations to withhold news of the grant until the “Observer” released it, by urging us to print an unprecedented “extra,” were all evidence that they do acknowledge our existence and do consider us when something important is involved. 

These were giant steps toward self-respect spurred by the knowledge that we do have latent prestige. 

We have been given a large shot of confidence by the administration and we needed it. 

The student body may now more readily contribute its skills in reporting, advising, and letter-writing. We need all these aids. The student-body has been “short-changing” the “Observer” while criticizing its lack of initiative and successful journalism. 

We have been recognized as the “voice of the school.” We have been accorded honor and dignity by the administration. We now look to our fellow students for recognition and assistance.