Brookdale Elevator Free Falls with Student Inside

By: Phillip Nagler  |  May 27, 2019

By Phillip Nagler, Opinion Editor

This year, a lot of attention has been called to fixing the elevators on the Beren campus, specifically those in 245 Lexington Ave. Students have gotten trapped, those with disabilities have voiced their concerns, and questions about what is actually being done to correct the issue have been raised. Recently, a major malfunction occurred in one of the elevators in the Brookdale dormitory. According to the YU housing website: “This 20-story building is the primary residence for all new students, housing all freshmen, sophomores and a high percentage of the junior class.”

On Wednesday, May 22nd, a Brookdale elevator lost control and plummeted from the third floor down to the basement. Shifra Lindenberg, SSSB 20’, a student popularly known for her social media presence, was in the elevator when this occurred. Lindenberg did not suffer from any major physical injuries, but reported feelings of trauma as a result of this terrifying experience. However, after the incident, Lindenberg experienced some pain and symptoms of a minor concussion.

All previous complaints about the elevators on the Beren campus have focused on inconveniences and slow, frustrating service. This episode seems to be a first. There are no excuses once a student’s safety has been compromised due to faulty elevator machinery.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen after it went into freefall,” described Lindenberg. “YU shouldn’t wait for a student to go through a traumatizing event, before taking action.”