Behind the Ballot

By: Talya Saban  |  April 29, 2019

by Talya Saban

With the culmination of election campaigning coming about, the pressure put on voters is ever-increasing. The average Beren Campus voter spends weeks on end hearing and seeing posters about someone they may have never seen, and are supposed to decide if that certain individual is fit to act as their representative. The challenge lies in getting to know the real candidate. As hopefully, the future representative for each of you, I would like to alleviate some of that pressure.

My name is Talya Saban, and I want to be your next SCWSC President. The best way to know me is to understand my passions. With that knowledge, you can trust that I will put these passions towards my work as President of SCWSC.

  1. I always strive to affect change. I want to help search for solutions. I choose never to dwell on what others see as impediments. In place of looking for what is going wrong, I search for ways to learn, grow, and improve all that we can.
  2. I am passionate about Israel. My love for Israel is something that greatly impacts my life trajectory. Israel impacts our campus in so many different ways, religiously, academically, socially… The project I have been working on this past year: Israel Career/ Academic Advisement at YU. With this program, students will have an effective, intentional and helpful resource on campus to assist in career planning, summer internships, and so much more in this place many of us are already interested in relocating to.
  3. I am passionate about fun. Anything that makes people smile or enthuses another person to get out of bed in the morning–that makes me happy. I love Chagigas, spirit weeks, Thanksgiving parades (mainly because we don’t have this in Canada), carnivals, etc. These things add to Stern’s uniqueness. I want to not only continue these opportunities we have but also enhance what makes our school stand out.

At the end of this week, a ballot will be coming out. I encourage every student to go out and vote. Vote for someone you want who can inspire change, someone that inspires you. Take charge of how you want your new school year to look, and the passions you want to see implemented. Vote for me so we can make that a reality together.