2018 Stern and Syms Election Platforms

By: Observer Staff  |  May 1, 2018

The Observer reached out to all the candidates running in competitive elections in SCWSC, Sy Syms, and TAC. Below is the platform of each candidate. If any other candidate would like to submit a platform, The Observer is happy to publish it.

Candidates for SCWSC President:

Shoshana Marder:

Hello wonderful people! I’m Shoshana Marder and I’m running for President of SCWSC. We talk a lot at Stern about creating a community, but we don’t always discuss what we want this community to look like. If I’m President of SCWSC, I hope to facilitate a community where the student body is supporting each other. Something as simple as giving out free coffee/smoothies during a particularly hard week helps create an environment where this student-student support is encouraged. This isn’t an empty promise for free drinks, but a promise for the Student Council to give the student body encouragement and support.

Certain initiatives providing more structured support would help encourage this type of student lead community. A Big Sister-Little Sister Program will allow fellow upperclassmen to support the incoming first year students during their transition year, and a Majors Mentorship Program would provide a structured program through which more experienced students could provide academic guidance as well as emotional support to fellow students in their major.

SCWSC serves in many capacities, including acting as liaisons for the clubs on the Beren Campus. If elected President, I hope to provide more organization and guidance for the club heads, so that being a ‘liaison’ is more than just approving or (G-d forbid) not approving events–so that it’s a relationship and a resource for our incredibly talented club heads.

Lastly, I promise to support you, the student body. I have not experienced every experience on campus, every struggle or every success, but I promise to ask, to listen, and then to act. As Vice President this year, I know how Student Council works: what is effective and what can be improved. I will work my absolute hardest to be that support for the student body and represent your needs. Let’s build this community together and vote Shoshana Marder for President of SCWSC!


Rachel Zakharov:

If elected there are a few things I want to enact

I have noticed that a lot of students here want more events on the Beren campus and I hope to be able to improve that so that we can foster a stronger community on this campus. If you guys saw my video hopefully we can create more events down here. After all, we are a team. We are a community, and no matter where we come from, we all stand under one identity. In addition, I feel like most people don’t know who their student council representatives are, so when we have questions we don’t know who to turn to. That’s where a lot of students feel like their voices are being drowned out. I don’t want those questions to be left unanswered, so I propose that we have town hall meetings at least once in the beginning of the semester where the students would get to know the people that are meant to represent their voice.

The role of a student leader should not be someone who only sits behind the scenes and manages budgets and oversees events and club. The main role of a student leader is to be there when the students need to hear you most, to stand up and be the voice of the student body no matter how big or small. A student leader has the ear of the members of the administration and is given the unique opportunity to present issues, concerns, and ideas that may be influential. I say let’s set a precedent, let’s let the college represent your ideas and together shape the future of student government.

Candidates for SCWSC Vice President of Academic Affairs:

Ailin Elyasi:

Hi friends! My name is Ailin Elyasi, and I am running for VP of Academic Affairs! We are really very lucky to go to a school with such small classes yet such strong academics. As VP, I want to just facilitate the conversation between the students and the administrators about our academics.

I hope to do this through listening to you! I hope to do this by creating a community where older students from a major help younger students from the same major register for classes. I hope to do this by creating a conversation with our esteemed rabbis and professors about the Judaics and classes offered.

I am running for VP of academics because I care about the academics offered, and I care about the smoothing the process. But most of all, I care about YOU and your academic success.

Ilana Karp:

As VP of Academic Affairs, I want to increase communication between the students and administration and create conversation about various aspects of academics from course selection to the best way to make up snow days. Communication can ensure that any student, regardless of the size of her major can be accommodated to allow her to take the classes she needs and wants.  I will bring back the Student Academic Affairs Committee to allow more students to be involved in leadership positions within academics and to create easier access for any student on campus.

Talya Saban:

Hi everyone! If you have seen the summer school session posters, allow me to formally introduce myself; my name is Talya Saban! Originally from Toronto, it’s my first year here at Stern and I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in English. Stern College is filled with amazing opportunities and I hope to create a clearer path of communication from the administration to the students, so every student can take any experience being offered to them. I look forward to improving the events of the academic clubs, giving students in every major equal opportunity in their own field. I plan to act as a liaison, expressing student’s problems and improvements, in order to reach effective solutions that guarantee the best academic experience to the students at Stern. I hope you all consider me for your next SCWSC VP of Academic Affairs!

Candidates for Sy Syms President:

Becky Waldman:

I’m Becky Waldman, I am really passionate about running for Syms Student Council President. Coming in as a transfer student from Hunter College, I truly appreciate everything Syms has to offer. As President, I hope to get more students involved in the clubs they want to be involved in, create programs to help students decide their major, work with academic advising for more meeting times, and work with the career center to help more students find summer internships. I hope people reach out with ideas and suggestions because I care about Syms and it’s students!