New Engineering Program Allows Undergraduates to Finish their Degrees in Israel

By: Ailin Elyasi  |  October 19, 2017

YU has launched a joint program with Tel Aviv University’s (referred to as TAU), a world renowned School of Electrical Engineering that allows future engineers to complete their undergraduate degree in Israel. Dr. Edward Berliner, Director of Science Management and a Clinical Professor of Physics at Yeshiva University, explains that the program is meant to appeal to “students who wish to work in Israel… [It is] an opportunity to build a professional network during their Undergraduate years that will allow them to move more seamlessly into the Israeli job market.”

In order to gain acceptance to TAU, students much complete the engineering prerequisites at YU over the course of at least two years. Then, students will pack their bags and head to all-English classes at TAU. President Dr. Ari Berman introduced the new program at his Investiture as a move for the “YU of tomorrow.” Explaining the program, Berman states, “this partnership reflects YU’s commitment to serving as a portal to the wider world. We are a globally focused institution with much to teach to, and much to learn from, the broader world of humanity. Partnering with a renowned institution in one of the world’s premier start-up nations, is a step in the right direction for the YU of tomorrow. In addition, this reflects our commitment to collaboration with Israeli institutions and the centrality of the State of Israel to YU’s values.” Students entering the program will not only have access to TAU’s world class staff, but also to a network of YU alumni all across the globe.

TAU was the ideal institution to partner with for a program of this kind because of its commitment to flexible growth. “Tel Aviv University constantly strives to expand its international research ties by establishing joint degree programs with leading institutions. This new engineering program with Yeshiva University will further expand our reach and set new standards for joint degree programming,” commented Professor Raanan Rein, vice president of Tel Aviv University. TAU has the same mission of expanding its global reach as Yeshiva University, and its partnering with YU is the perfect way to help both academic institutions achieve their goal. Dr. Edward Berlinder adds, “As a World-Class University, [TAU is] also an excellent intellectual match for our University and its students.”

In addition, the program creates a seamless transition into the Israeli workforce for the aliyah-minded student with its two semester internship requirement. “Our unique program will allow students to begin their undergraduate studies in a warm, Torah environment and help them make an easy transition to Israel to complete their degree. The program will also provide students with invaluable connections in the field of engineering,” said Dr. Edward Berliner. “Instead of having to start from scratch after making aliyah, students can continue their studies and move seamlessly over to Tel Aviv University and, by extension, to the Israeli workforce.” The two semester project ensures that students have the chance to form invaluable connections in the engineering world.

The new program exemplifies YU’s dedication to serving its students and upholding its values of a Torah centered education geared toward the modern workforce. As a zionist university with a zionist student population, the institution of YU supports Israel with this program. All the while, YU also provides its students with the opportunity to build important work connections in the state without sacrificing a Torah education in their early undergraduate years.