Despite Error Intercampus Shuttle Running on Regular Schedule This Week

By: Sarah Casteel  |  September 25, 2017

Despite a previous message on the YU shuttle website indicating that the intercampus shuttles would not be running until after Sukkot break, the intercampus shuttle will be running this week.  It has been confirmed that the intercampus shuttle will be running on a regular schedule today, September 25th, through Wednesday, September 27th.  Shuttles can be booked as usual on the shuttle website and app.  However Beren campus security has confirmed that local shuttles are still not running as of Monday. Local shuttles on the Wilf campus are up and running according to security there. 

After many students have expressed stress with regard to the unavailability of intercampus shuttles this week, it has been revealed that the cancellation was likely a mistake. 

According to Dean of Students Dr. Chaim Nissel, “The decision to have [the [shuttles] run is easy. Since classes are in session, all amenities for students should be fully available. I believe the decision to cancel the inter-campus shuttles was made in error.”

Stern student Golda Aharon expressed how essential the intercampus shuttles are to the students: “Attending Sephardic selichot is one of the most meaningful YU experiences I have at the beginning of each year. I find it really uplifting, especially during the aseret yemei teshuva. The shuttle app was not working this morning, so I immediately called security to book a time, and they told me there would be no shuttles this week. I was disappointed: The shuttle is the safest and most practical way for me to return to Beren after selichot at 2:00 am, so without it, I would not be attending selichot before Yom Kippur. The shuttle is a crucial resource for Beren students who wish to access this powerful event, which is exclusively held on the Wilf campus.”

While Dr. Nissel confirmed with The Observer late Sunday afternoon that the shuttles would run this week, there was a delay in getting the shuttles running for Monday. Security was not informed of the decision until about 10:30 am, so students who called to try to make shuttle reservations this morning were told that there was no shuttle service this week. Security was informed of the change about the same time that the shuttle app and website were updated to offer rides for the next three days.

Now that the issue has been addressed intercampus shuttles are available as usual, allowing students who commute and have commitments on the other campus to travel with ease. Local shuttles on the Beren campus, however, are still down.