Why By CHLOE is worth obsessing over

By: Rebecca Kerzner  |  January 2, 2017


If you are a basic white girl and into eating food, then you’ve definitely heard of By Chloe. But if you’re not, let me introduce you to arguably the best kosher breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, and dinner restaurant of all time.

When one walks through the glass doors, they can immediately feel the freshness of their surroundings. The interior of this Instagram hub is a carbon copy of that Urban Outfitters feel. The chairs are brightly colored in shades of blue and yellow and the walls are covered with stained glass mirrors. Additionally, there are at least a dozen plants looming around, which always complete the look with a clean cut ambiance. In some locations, by the front of the restaurant, there are even swings and egg chairs hanging from the ceiling for people to rock in gleefully.

The menu at By Chloe is well rounded, with an array of salads, burgers, and desserts. During earlier hours, they boast a “Brekkie and Brunch” menu with interesting menu items like quinoa hash browns, tofu, and morning oats. My personal favorite thing on the menu is the Spicy Thai Salad with apricot sriracha glazed tempeh, almonds, quinoa, edamame, scallions, crispy wontons, and peanut dressing. It’s so much better than your standard Chinese Salad because its flavor is complex, with notes of just enough sweetness. I have tried the other salads but this one takes the cake. I personally also recommend the Kale Artichoke Dip, which is always served warm with tortilla chips. Obviously, we can’t forget the tasty dips offered with fries that double as unique options to the usual standard ketchup and spicy mayo: beet ketchup and chipotle aioli.

Yes, a lot of the kosher brunch places in New York City are great. We’ve all had Noi Due and My Most Favorite on the Upper West Side. These restaurants serve pizza, pasta and yummy cheesecake desserts. But the food industry is advancing past the classic food choices. Now, food has become not only about the menu, but the design and experience of the restaurant as well. Kosher brunch is far behind the rest of the foodie world with these advancements, but with By Chloe, we are finally taking a step in the right direction. Our dreams of great kosher brunch are finally coming true!

But perhaps the best part of By Chloe, is that it gets its “health nut” reputation with its spread of fancy seeds, juices, and vegan options, but tastes just as great to the rest of the peasants as well. There seems to be a rising opinion that By Chloe only has a place in the hearts of those girly, wannabe artsy New Yorkers but, as a girly wannabe artsy New Yorker, I can attest that that stereotype is simply not true! But in all seriousness: I have dined countless times with various types of people and I have never heard of a negative review. One can now enjoy great food without feeling sickly full from the empty calories, and get bonus points for being healthy.