South Park's Take on the Presidential Election.

By: Abby Adler  |  November 2, 2016

south-parkSouth Park has always been a refreshingly hilarious take on reality and current events, and they continued that ability, managing to present the ridiculous narrative of presidential election for viewers while remaining bipartisan.

Mr. Garrison, previously the third-grade teacher at South Park Elementary School, steps up to the plate as Trump. However, when he reaches the First Presidential Debate, he realizes he has no idea how to be president because he didn’t actually think he would get this far, and decides to attempt to throw the election. During the debate, he calls himself a “sick, angry little man” who will “f**k up this country beyond repair,” and encourages Americans to vote for Hillary instead. Unfortunately for Mr. Garrison, Hillary’s team advised her prior to the debate to respond to anything he says with “My opponent is a liar, and he cannot be trusted.” And that’s exactly what she does, throwing herself under the bus and causing her political advisors to refer to her as “such a turd sandwich.” The writers on the show poked fun at how scripted Hillary seems to be and how much faith she puts in her advisors, even when the script she follows ends up doing her harm. They also captured the phenomenon of Trump, who has some staunch supporters, no matter what comes out of his mouth.

The absurdity of the situation continues as Mr. Garrison begs Americans to “stop thinking that I’m anything more than a douche in way over his head” at his rallies. He attempts to spread the message as far as possible by making his campaign slogan “Douche 2016.” Yet, certain residents of South Park perceive his negative comments in a positive light, grateful that “finally someone comes along who says what he feels.” South Park, like so many other satirical outlets, mocks people who support Trump because he’s “someone who doesn’t talk like a politician.” No matter what Mr. Garrison says as Trump in order to lose the election, he is still met with enthusiastic applause for his honesty.

The writers go on to make fun of the general presidential election that occurs every four years. In an argument that takes place at the Marsh home, Stan’s parents debate who is better for America: the Giant Douche (Trump) or the Turd Sandwich (Clinton). Stan says, “I just don’t understand why every four years, you people freak out over whether to vote for a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich.” Randy responds “Because we’re Americans. ‘Cause this is America.” Well-put, Randy. Democracy at its finest, eh?

South Park was really on point with this one. It’s up to you, America: are you Team Giant Douche or Team Turd Sandwich?