June Zman

By: Jennifer van Amerongen  |  August 29, 2016

???????????????This past June, Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program of Advanced Talmud Studies (GPATS) hosted June Zman on the Beren Campus. The June Zman program has existed for a long time on the Wilf Campus. This year, for the first time, it was brought to the Beren campus, thanks to GPATS, the efforts of Mrs. Price and Rabbi Brander, and an overwhelming demand from students on the Beren campus. The program ran throughout June, meeting Mondays through Thursdays. The day started at 9:00 AM with chavruta study, continuing on to shiur and ending at 1:00 PM.

Under the guidance of Rabbi Nachbar, a teacher in GPATS, students studied Talmud Brachot and related sources. During chavruta time, they discussed the obligation, liturgy, and sources of Tefillah. During shiur, Rabbi Nachbar reviewed the sources and deepened the students’ understanding of the topic by bringing new ideas and highlighting different themes. About thirty women attended June Zman, coming in each morning from the New York and New Jersey area. Most of the women were YU students or alumnae, but a few high school students and students from other universities also joined. The Talmud background of the students ranged from those with formal Talmud education throughout elementary school and high school, to those for whom June Zman was their first experience with Talmud study.

When asked about her Talmud background and the program, Chani Grossman SCW ’18 explained, “It was my first experience with Gemara, but it was a great one! Rabbi Nachbar’s shiur was fantastic. He was super helpful when my chavruta and I hit rough patches as we started.” Talia Molotsky SCW ’16 shared a similar sentiment, and said that she felt that the program was successful. Regarding the range of learning backgrounds, Molotsky said, “June Zman was an incredible addition to the university, providing a rare combination of high level learning for advanced students and valuable skills for beginners within the same construct.”  She explained that she enjoyed learning from Rabbi Nachbar because he “treated the program seriously and created a positive atmosphere through his expansive Gemara knowledge and individualized attention to each student.” She expressed her hopes for the continuation of the program in the future and thanked the administrators who helped ensure its success. She, like many other students, hopes to see the June Zman program continue to succeed in years to come.