Post-Finals: A Compact Guide to Fun in the Sun

By: Abby Adler  |  May 15, 2016

In a mere couple of weeks, finals will be history: can I get an ayyy-men?! Some of us will be leaving the big, bad city behind for our hometowns, while others are sticking around. Those of us lucky enough to stick around (myself included) have the opportunity to utilize NYC as our very own playground. Enjoy the cute, concise guide to post-finals fun below!

Bryant Park Dance Parties: Every Wednesday night, Bryant Park is hosting dance parties. Bring yourself, bring a date, or bring your crew, and let loose. Whether it be tango or swing, you’re bound to have a good time. As the wise Fergie once said, “a little party never killed nobody.” Bryant Park also offers other awesome activities throughout the summer (meditation, movie nights, concerts, juggling, fencing, yoga, etc.), so definitely check out the schedule for more information.

Sunbathing in Central Park: Because it just isn’t summer without the sun. Whip out your beach towel and sunglasses and soak it up in the Great Lawn, Sheep Meadow, or Strawberry Fields — the lush fields of grass in the park are endless. If tanning isn’t your thing, just slap on a sun hat and sunscreen, and pull out a good read. Or just lounge & laze. Lounging and lazing is the epitome of summer for us kids, is it not?

City Rooftop Parties: Night Owls, come one, come all! Drinks all around! Get over that Finals PTSD at the Delancey, Turtle Bay, Bar 13, Local West… and the many other swanky rooftop bars the city has to offer. Nothing’s better than embracing that summer breeze while sipping from our party chalices on a night out on the town.

Governors Island: Like Bryant Park, Governors Island has a lot to offer in the summer season. Whether it be biking, outdoor art, or BBQing, you’re bound to be a fan of something. Staple weekend festivals include the Opening Weekend Family Festival, City of Water Day, and the Jazz Age Lawn Party. And we can’t possibly forget about Governors Ball. Get pumped for the Island Opening on Memorial Day Weekend!

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Summer brings out that sweet-tooth in all of us. If you haven’t indulged enough in sugar during finals, now’s the time. The bar/candy store allows us to unleash our inner child. We YU students are in luck: the milkshakes, macaroons, and ice cream (summer essentials) are all kosher! I guess what they say is true: the milkshakes bring all the Jews to the yard.

These are only a few of the adventures you can delight yourself with as soon as we finish finals. If you want to gather more information, look on the website or just Google it. I pass the baton over to you readers now. It’s in your hands, so have a blast! Merry summers to all!